Are you planning to visit Rhodos? Hire a car for an unforgettable holiday experience

Best time to visit Rhodos

Do you have plans for visiting Rhodos anytime soon? It is advisable to go from March to November. Most tourists like visiting Rhodos during summer because it’s peaceful and less expensive to stay there.

rhodosgreeceThings to do in Rhodos 

Rhodos has a rich history that dates back to thousands of years. You can visit monuments and museums to see proof of the long history. If you are a nature lover, then driving through central Rhodos when visiting the small villages is a unique experience. The natives are friendly and prepare delicious delicacies. Rhodos is also ideal for those who can’t do without nightlife fun. High end bars and clubs around Rhodos offer entertainment for all tastes.

Places to visit in Rhodos

There are many destinations to visit in Rhodos. Here are just a few of them.

Valley of butterflies

If you love nature, then the Valley of butterflies is among the most attractive destinations that you shouldn’t leave the island without visiting. Thousands of butterflies from a particular genus flock this destination to reproduce.


This is one of the most amazing archeological marvels on Rhodos Island. The most important archeological monuments are found at the acropolis. There are other interesting ruins which are scattered at several points within the town and its suburbs. Lindos is easily accessible by road.

Marine aquarium

In the northern part of the island you will find the Hydrobiological Station that was built between 1934 and 1936. If you are interested in oceanography and other marine activities then it will be unfair to leave Rhodos without visiting this amazing research center.

Ancient Kamiros

Located on the north western shore of the island, Kamiros is the third ancient city. There were three large ancient cities on the island. Its history dates back to 5 B.C and it was particularly inhabited by Achaeans. It is believed to be the first city in Rhodos to produce its own coins.

Why drive around Rhodos?

Rhodos is unlike most Greek islands. It boasts of long and beautiful beaches and good climate throughout the year. Apart from that, Rhodos has lots more to explore. It is a large island and if you don’t want to stay in the city or on one beach, then you will have to hire a car for your holiday. The advantage of driving is that it is the best way to see what Rhodos has to offer especially if you are visiting for the first time. In Rhodos there are many car rental companies with all the cars that will make your holiday experience unforgettable. They are available at very affordable rates if you do your research properly. If you want to explore this beautiful island safely and at your own pace don’t hesitate to hire a car. The process of hiring a car is easy and it can be done prior to your arrival so that you start your holiday without much hassle. All you require is an international or European driving license. The roads are in perfect condition and are very safe.

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Most Sought After Romantic Getaways in Europe

Europe is one of the most popular destinations for those traveling as a couple seeking the best romantic getaway. Ranging from romantic cities, medieval towns, castles and even seasides, Europe has more to offer than most couples would dream off. The numerous romantic spots to visit and are ideal for all romantic occasions including wedding day, valentines day, honeymoon as well as wedding anniversaries. These are the top romantic spots in Europe.


Popularly known as the City of Love, Paris is one of the most romantic spots in Europe. Couples can enjoy a variety of romantic experiences including strolling along River Seine, dining at elegant outdoor cafes and restaurants, visit iconic museums as well as the Eiffel tower, well known for its alluring flickering at night. A night with your partner around the city is further enhanced by glowing streetlamps and charming trees, ideal for romantic walks. Paris is also known for its divine cuisine, shopping malls, cruises, graceful bridges, vast art collections and neo-classic design architecture.


venice_coupleVenice is the best destination for couples seeking romantic experiences close to the sea. The 1500 years old city is popular for its serene atmosphere and fresh air especially when roaming the streets that has no vehicles. The best time of the year for couples to visit Venice is between late fall and late winter. Couple can go around the city by foot or by water, using the gondolas. Some of the best sites for couples to visit in Venice include the alleyways, bridges, basilicas as well as the La Serenissima, meaning the most serene one. Couples can also relax at the Piazza San Marco or enjoy magical moments at the palaces, fine shops, restaurants and art galleries.


London offers an ideal combination of quirky, sweet, cool and spectacular experiences to couples. The city receive visitors from all over the world seeking to either impress their dates with the numerous panoramic views of the city or take a romantic stroll around the magnificent city. In addition, lovers also get a chance to soak up some of the city’s culture and history, snuggle up in a romantic pub or catch a West End show. Couples can also enjoy some of the most relaxing cruises along the rivers and canals as they enjoy various fascinating sights. There are boats and barges for rent, allowing couples to enjoy the most exclusive and private tour, with meals available on board.


This is considered to be one of the most sought after romantic getaway destinations in Greece. Santorini is popularly known for its exquisitely clear water which couple can enjoy while in the middle of the sea, perched around the rim of a huge active volcano. Santorini has a reputation of being world’s best wedding destination that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. A vacation in Santorini is a dream to all couples who come to exchange kisses beneath the famous Santorini sunset or dine at the famous Caldera restaurant.

If you need a travel guide in Santorini:

When traveling as a couple, it is advised that you book your hotel room in advance to avoid disappointment and embarrassment on your most romantic moments. In addition, remember to book the best romantic hotels that suits your needs as well as budget. It is also recommended that you do a prior research on the various romantic spots to visit. This will ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for your romantic vacation.

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Winter and Summer puts Norway at its best for visitors

Summer is Best time to visit Norway this time is good as it give you a chance to enjoy the getaway for Norwegians; The fjords.They provide a perfect summer getaway as well as an attraction for visitors all over the world. Fjords occur when a glacial valley floods with sea water, which happens regularly on Western shores where the durable rock resists erosion, levying the shape of the fjord almost unchanged for many centuries. Cruising this beautiful region makes for a truly spectacular holiday experience.

trolls-tongue-norwayGeirangerfjord features beautiful blue, deep waters, a backdrop of gorgeous scenery and magnificent waterfalls which all work together to make a cruise through the natural settings of Geirangerfjord an experience you’ll never forget. Geirangerfjord has historically being one of the most popular fjords and continues to be so nowadays. You’ll discover beautiful mountain peaks covered in white snow which alongside the blue of the water is a sight to behold. You’ll be transformed to another place as you cruise along the stunning waterway.

Fjaerlansfjord is another popular choice – the region is full of glaciers and fjords, providing a breathtaking landscape which will leave you with your mouth hanging open at every turning. You’ll head towards the Jostedalsbreen Glacier, which enjoys peaceful, serene surroundings and of course its celebrated natural beauty.

However, perhaps some of the most sensational views can be found at Hjorundfjord: whether you’re in a kayak or a cruise ship, you’ll be totally blown away by some of the scenery on show here, which has been wowing visitors from all over the world for years. A cruise along here will provide you with a wonderful experience that you’ll remember for years to come, as you glide past mountains and glaciers that completely take your breath away.

Norway’s deepest and longest Fjord is found at Sognefjord, a natural paradise with so many amazing aspects and contrasts to witness that you’ll be left completely in awe. For some of the best scenes, Winter is also the Best time to visit Norway: with frozen waterfalls and landscapes, this time of year produces some truly magical scenes to behold. Enjoy the famed hospitality and friendliness of the locals, amongst the mountainside farms and snow-capped mountains, and you can even visit the oldest stave church in Norway which was established in 1150 AD – and still standing today.

Hafrsfjord is one of the top fjords of Norway on which people choose to cruise along. The famous Swords in Rock monument reminds travelers of the spot along this fjord where Norway as a country came together in the year 872 AD. With beautiful surroundings and a fantastically serene atmosphere, everyone will enjoy this cruise. The bay is rife with fantastic vistas and you’ll encounter welcoming and friendly locals located along the fjord.

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Top places to visit in Namibia

During holidays, everyone want to travel to their dream destinations with an aim to have fun, relax and spend quality time with family and friends. Have you every thought of visiting any part of Africa and specifically the Southern region? If no, then consider it in your next holiday. Trying new places, learn and may be choose one of African country, Namibia. A travel to Namibia can be one of those memorable occasions especially if any of these destinations will be on your list.



This is a holiday destination meant for both locals and visitors who want to break away from the hot beach environment. The region is like a playground and full of adventure. The city’s street is lined with palm streets, restaurants and cafes. Although the city may be limited to some activities, it has a desert surrounding to keep you company. Visitors can enjoy the sand-boarding, skiing, quad biking and other numerous activities. Other common activities in Swakopmund include dolphin cruising and exploring the lagoons. You can also take a Kayak tour.

Read more about Swakopmund:

Etosha National Park

This happens to be one of Africa’s best animal reserve. Mainly covered with shrubs, grass and woodland plains.For those who love nature, they can travel here during dry the seasons. During these seasons, millions of animal spices converge at the water catchment areas. You will have unlimited view of the big five. The game reserve has well defined roads and lodgings to host guests. The uniqueness of the enormous animal numbers in one place during the dry season makes the place one of the must visit places.

Fish River Canyon

This is the largest natural gorge in Africa and second largest in the world. It is a spectacular geographical phenomenon set in a stony environment. But you will be amazed to find the ever succulent and drought resistant trees here. The area is dry in all seasons of Namibia except during January and April when the rain falls. It is popular for hiking and taking memorable photographs.


It is said that Luderitz is the most unique part of Namibia. Located in the southern part of the country, it has cool and large water body full of fishing activity. Touring the town will see you tasting some of the most delicious sea recipes. You can take photos of the marine life such as the African penguins, Dolphins and irregular whale appearances. The town is easily accessible through travel by road or air. Visitors are well served at the hotels and the place hosts one of Namibia’s four-star hotels.


Whenever the name is mentioned, most people associate the place with desert environment. It is the largest continuous land covered by sand. It is naturally full of unique spices of trees like acacias and red ebony. The desert has seasons like other parts of the country. During rainy season, you will find fair green grass cover. Visitors who like it, have described their experience as emotional healing and promotes mental relaxation.

All the above destinations are random and there are other many places for touring in these country. Until you become part of the visit, you may not get to know Namibia’s wildest activities.

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Enjoy a Specialty Cruise to Europe

european_cruiseTravel cruise to Europe as a recreation interest just about ceased to exist quite a long while back on the grounds that travelers needed more from their get-aways than sitting on sunlit decks tasting fruity mixed drinks. Shore trips were essentially reconsiderations where travelers left the boats for a few hours amid stops at ports to purchase shirts and trinkets as keepsakes for those back home. Storefronts lined the walkways, rivaling each other for tourist dollars, and travelers saw little of neighborhood culture and flavor. Then again, the cruise ship industry needed to upgrade and redo their offerings with the goal that they could have a possibility of pulling in today’s separating traveler. For example, those going on an Europe cruise can choose from a few diverse topics when booking their excursion. Travelers who are keen on historic areas can book an eastern Europe cruise that will take them straight to that district’s socially rich old urban communities along the banks of the Danube.

Eastern European waterway cruises start amid the month of May and proceed until October. Since stream pontoons are littler than traditional cruise liners, the administration is regularly more customized and the traveler rundown is much littler. Shore trips on these outings incorporate tours of destroyed mansions, treks to craftsmanship exhibitions and suppers at nearby foundations offering the finest of eastern European cooking. A few travelers decide to experience the port urban areas in a free-structure way, meandering however they see fit the pleasant towns.

Others selecting to invest their recreation time going on an Europe cruise decide to partake in nourishment and wine themed journeys. Travelers can tour the world’s finest vineyards and talk with famous vintners amid outings to shore, also have the chance to specimen wine created from the hands of the bosses. Most culinary and wine themed cruises characteristic visitors, for example, cookbook writers, on-board wine classes drove by world-well known sommeliers, provincial cooking arranged by visitor gourmet experts and shore trips to the best restaurants. Since wine celebrations are rich in the wine-delivering parts of Europe, travelers can add to their experience by booking a cruise amid a period that will permit them to go to one or a greater amount of these territorial celebrations. Numerous mid-summer travelers accept that the most ideal approach to start or end a cruise through European waters is with the Koumandaria Festival in Cyprus . These week-long festival is a demonstration of the world’s most established wine and a social occasion that serves as one of the highlights of the lives of those sufficiently blessed to have the capacity to go to.

Since a portion of the little eastern European nations are starting to contribute more than their fair share, they make great destinations for cruisers looking for critical encounters. Most waterway cruises serve crisp, nearby food in light of the fact that they have the vital fixings conveyed to their boat galleys regularly. Croatian food specifically is starting to rise as a huge player on the world’s culinary stage.

Travel cruise to Europe has unquestionably changed in the recent decades, and the industry has figured out how to rehash itself well. Travelers are currently booking forte cruises in record numbers.

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Traveling to Finland – The Royal Culture

Travel to Finland, the most pleasant town in the heart of Europe’s biggest lake locale. Arrived at by an one hour flight from Helsinki, Savonlinna was based on a chain of islands and grew up as an issue spa town. The inside of the town is the medieval Olavinlinna Castle, the fundamental venue for the mid year musical drama celebration. The conception of the Savonlinna Opera Festival ties in nearly with the rising Finnish character and Finland’s striving for autonomy toward the start of the twentieth century. Going to a devoted gathering in Olavinlinna Castle in 1907, the Finnish soprano Aino Ackté, effectively celebrated at musical drama houses the world over and a vigorous loyalist, quickly recognized the capability of the medieval stronghold implicit 1475 as the venue for a musical show celebration. The sentimental palace set in the midst of lake landscape of ‘heavenly excellence’ proved unable, as she would like to think, neglect to awe all who viewed it and was in this manner the ideal stage for showing the Finnish music simply blasting into bloom. savonlinna opera

The primary musical drama celebration was held in 1912. Aino Ackté did as she had guaranteed and transformed the mansion into a fortification of operatic craftsmanship. Amid the five summers she found herself able to orchestrate her celebration, she organized four Finnish musical dramas. The main musical drama by a non-Finnish author was Gounod’s Faust, with Ackté herself exceeding expectations in the main female part of Marguerite. Her superb arrangements were, nonetheless, soon dashed by the First World War, the Russian Revolution, Finland’s Civil War and the following financial challenges, yet news of the celebration had effectively arrived at musical drama darlings in different parts of the world.

The musical drama celebration convention then lay lethargic for close on four decades. In 1967 the celebration became animated again when the Savonlinna Music Days that had been held for 10 years or more chosen to organize a musical drama course for youthful vocalists. The pioneer of the course hit on the thought of arranging Beethoven’s Fidelio in the manor yard. The execution was a colossal achievement, its thrown included vocalists of universal notoriety notwithstanding the understudies, and the debut of Fidelio on July 16, 1967 is these days viewed as the begin of the present Festival.

Through the years the Savonlinna Opera Festival has developed from an one-week occasion into a global celebration enduring a month. Every year it performs to an aggregate gathering of people of around 60,000, a great 10 for every penny from abroad. Savonlinna has turned into a dictum among musical show sweethearts the world over. Its aesthetic standard was at that point pulling in boundless investment and deference back in the 1970s, because of the uncompromising exertions of its Artistic Director, the world-celebrated bass artist Martti Talvela, to accomplish the same target as Aino Ackté in her day: to place Savonlinna on an imaginative standard with the incredible European celebrations while giving the world Finnish musical drama taking care of business.

The Savonlinna Opera Festival has turned into a standout amongst the most famous installations in the Finnish social datebook, and an occasion of the best global hugeness. Aino Ackté was correct: top of the line musical show in a sentimental, medieval manor in the midst of lake view of ‘otherworldly excellence’ is an extraordinary and henceforth remarkable experience when you travel to Finland.

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Have a Romantic Escapade in Cyprus

Travelling across the world is one of the things that I wanted to accomplish in life. Being to a foreign place gets me that feeling of excitement where I’ll get to see many beautiful faces from all walks of life and at the same time learn new things from that country as well. My travel to Cyprus with my fiancée was such a blast. I never imagined that it could be so wonderful. There, we had a romantic escapade in Cyprus that we surely wanted to do again and again.

aphrodite_islandUpon arriving at the airport, I just can’t believe that I am actually on Aphrodite’s Island. It’s really a perfect place for lovers like us and even for families as well. On the other hand, if you have intentions of going to Cyprus alone, then it is also a great place to find your soul mate. Searching for that special person in Cyprus is not that impossible, since you are in the place where the goddess of love and beauty is born.

Of course, since we are in one of the Mediterranean islands, we really planned to explore Cyprus’ beaches because from what I’ve heard, it’s really fit for lovers like us. However, our first stop was in Limassol, Kolossi Castle. I’ve been so fascinated about castles from around the world, which is why exploring one on the island is on my top list. The castle was actually the Grand Commandery of the Knights Templar, which is why it is built along the southwestern coastline. The castle was also made as a sugar production facility.

We also went to the Lefkara Village, the place is known for its lace and silver handicrafts, which are two of my favorite things in life. From there I witnessed how laces were crafted and we even visited a wax museum after. The village has cobbled streets and stone houses. You should also visit the churches and the chapels and be amazed of its infrastructure. Examples of these are the Saint Minas Convent and the Machairas Monastery.

Then, we headed to the beaches since we really planned to serenade Cyprus on our last days of our stay in the island. From white, to golden, and even dark sands, the island’s beaches has it all for you. If you also like pebble and rock beaches, or lagoon styles, then you can surely have the best of both worlds. You don’t have to worry since all the beaches on the island are very clean and are all safe for bathing and other water activities. If you haven’t heard about it, well almost 50 of Cyprus’ beaches were awarded a Blue Flag.

My personal choice of stay was in Limassol since the hotels are located on the shoreline. Limassol has also a combination of dark sand and white rocks, which is a breathtaking sight to behold. However, you can also explore some of its beaches like the ones located at Konnos Beach, where you will be able to set foot on golden sands, or if you want to walk on darker sand, then you should choose to explore the beaches of Larnaca.

To wrap it all up, a travel to Cyprus should certainly be included in your bucket list most especially if you are with your special someone. You will surely get to experience a romantic escapade in Cyprus that you just can’t imagine.

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Fridge magnets from Europe – The perfect souvenir to buy

european-fridgemagnetsEurope – The beautiful continent

Europe! The continent is adobe to many amazing travel destinations. The lush green meadows, snowy mountain peaks, beautiful valleys, historical monuments are some of its attractions. European holidays have been most desired and preferred by the families for long haul trips in its several beautiful countries. Each of European country packs huge charm, wonder, and most of them are blessed with rich culture and tradition. Holidays in Europe can be truly amusing, fun and exciting.

Some of the must visit places include;

  • Paris – The capital of France, is one among the must visit places in Europe. A Picturesque city is renowned for its iconic Eiffel Tower. Apart from this, there are several other holiday destinations in Paris such as Disneyland Park, The Louvre, and lots more.
  • Rome – If you are on a vacation to Europe, then the place that you cannot afford to miss is the Rome. Its artistic treasures, rich culture and unique traditions have made it to one among the most popular destination across the globe.
  • Berlin – Germany’s capital city Berlin is one among the popular cosmopolitan cities across the world. Some of its top travel destinations are Brandenburg gate, Berliner Dom and lots more.
  • Barcelona – This Spanish city is one among the popular tourist destination of Europe. The place boasts several world heritage sites such as Casa Vicens, Park Guell and lots more. The city also has lovely beaches and parks.

These are few of the popular destinations to visit when you travel to Europe!

The best European Souvenirs

Searching for the best souvenir to remember your vacation and travels to Europe can be the most memorable part of the entire vacation. Culturally rich continent Europe has lots to offer for everyone. The idyllic collection of souvenirs to buy during a trip to Europe are the Fridge Magnets Souvenir. Fridge magnets from Europe are the great souvenirs and amazing way to celebrate your vacation travels. These small and colourful depictions of renowned landmarks, buildings, map-like country, and various other things are the true redolent of the fun and amusement of visiting European destinations. Fridge magnets are the excellent way to remind you to your holiday travels and lovely time you spent with your family in Europe as you could see them every day on your refrigerator. They are also certainly a great gift to present to your beloved ones. European fridge magnets souvenirs are beautiful and amazing.

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Kangaroo Island in all Seasons of the Year

The Kangaroo Island is known as a precious gem in the Australian continent because of its pristine wilderness and majestic views of golden beaches and mountain ranges. These are what make tourists and visitors keep coming back for. You can visit the island all-year round and book for the finest luxury accommodation Kangaroo Island before your trip. Since the island is filled with splendid tourist attractions, a day is not enough to explore every corner. Spend a week in this magnificent spot and you‘ll be sure to bring home pleasant memories of food, fun and adventure.

kangaroo_islandThe magnificent Kangaroo Island or KI for short is the third prime Island in Australia next to Melville and Tasmania Islands. It is located in the southwest part of Adelaide lying under the South Australia state. From the mainland, Kangaroo Island is closest to Snapper Point in Backstair Passage with a distance of 8.4 miles from Fleurieu Peninsula. The nearest airport to Kangaroo Island is the Adelaide Airport that serves both domestic and international flights. From the airport, you can ride the ferry to reach the island that takes around four hours travel time. If you were able to book for luxury accommodation Kangaroo Island prior to your trip, you can head straight to your hotel room and enjoy a stunning view of the mountains and ocean from your window.

Making an early reservation for lodging is always a good idea however, if you come in as a walk-in visitor, you can always find Kangaroo Island accommodation that is open to tourists at any time. Besides, there’s enough accommodation for all tourists.

Kangaroo Island is a destination for all seasons. During the summer, wild flowers and native trees dominate the island greeneries. Wildlife creatures are sheltered in bushland habitats to prevent them from extreme heat exposure. From dawn to dusk, Tammar wallabies and kangaroos scatter around animal parks. Summer time begins in December and ends in February.

In Autumn, you will be amazed with the views of pastures turning into green and waterways starting to flow. With light rain falling during this season, wildlife animals are fed with fresh growth of food. Autumn is called the transition period and so little penguins and black cockatoos begin nesting while fungi start to grow on rotting wood and damp grounds. These are what you can witness as you visit the island in the months of March, April and May.

As winter comes in the months of June to August, Kangaroo Island exhibits abundant wildlife, flowing rivers and lush green countryside. It is the coldest time of the year and so you have to wear the thickest clothing there is. Inside a luxury accommodation Kangaroo Island is a fireplace that you can light-up for added heating.

Spring is known as the season of rebirth. An array of wild flowers, mammals and birds abound in the island and the weather is at a perfect temperature. These are what you can enjoy from September to November.

Kangaroo Island happens to be a wonderful tourist hub all-year round. Once you set foot in any country in Australia, consider spending some time in this spectacular island.

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Tips in Finding a Rental Home

FurnishedAccommodationWhether you are someone who is new to renting or maybe you’re currently contemplating on your current living condition, finding the best budget accommodation in Sydney is something you hope to find. You ought to know that be it Short Term accommodation Sydney or long term contracts, the process of searching for a rental home is tough and very time consuming. There is a great number of people who rent. While majority are young single adults, there’s also a substantial percentage of families. If you’re single and living on your own, you might want to opt for a Boutique Furnished Accommodation Sydney. But for seniors and families, the preferences may be quite different.

Here are some initial tips you can follow in finding a rental home based on your budget and lifestyle…

Tip 1 – Determine your capacity to pay and your budget. Right before you actually start finding a rental home, you will need to draw up a specific budget, after which you take a closer look at where most of your income is going. On average, about thirty percent of one’s income is spent on housing. It’s best for you not to deviate on this number. You don’t want to end up renting a very expensive home that you fail to pay the rent months after moving in.

rentalkTip 2 – Do some brainstorming on the specific features of the home you’re looking for. Obviously, you will consider the bedroom and bathroom as primary factors. But because you’ve set a specific budget for the monthly rental, you’ll also be thinking about other features that will make your living a bit more convenient. For instance, you may want a deck or patio, or maybe some access to the backyard. What about a fireplace for winter? It’s also nice to have a gas stove in the kitchen for your weekend cooking. But then again, you might want to look at the compromises as well. What if you’re getting a big, elegant, and best budget accommodation in Sydney, but you’re a fifty miles away from your work? This time, it’s probably much better to get a even a small one but near your workplace.

Tip 3 – Next up, plan your typical day. It means you literally have to map it out. You need to cross-reference your schedule and the places you go on a typical day, detailing those where you spend most of your time. Think about factors like the neighborhood you’re going to pass every day. Are there grocery and convenience stores nearby? How about gas stations and police visibility?

So when you’re about to begin your search for that perfect rental home keep these tips in mind. They surely will come in handy.

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