3 Things Dating Agencies Can Do Better Than Online Apps

Australians value relationships. They find love through a dating agency in Melbourne, have blind dates in Sydney, or simply swipe left or right in an app while waiting at the airport. Over the decades, dating in Australia has dramatically changed along with the rise of technology. ABC News reports that more people are meeting their potential partner online more than “friends or work combined”. The 2019 Australia Talks National Survey cited in the news article shared that 35 percent have met a partner online while meeting partners through friends (which was the top way of meeting someone back in the 70s to 90s) has gone down to 20 percent.

Apps like Tinder and Grindr have taken the continent by storm but while it is a fun experience for many, they sometimes fall short in establishing long-lasting relationships. This is where a dating agency can come in. Finding the most suitable partner for you may require more than just hook-ups and app chats. It’s about finding genuine satisfaction from a fruitful and loving relationship. That is why there are some things, dating agencies do better than dating apps.

Partner Compatibility

Dating apps are easy to use and intuitive. But they only offer surface-level information leaving many users conflicted if they do like someone or not based on a profile and some conversations. Dates usually follow app conversations but rarely, they do nowadays with the rise of “cancel culture” and a pandemic that’s forcing people to stay home. Going through a dating agency in Melbourne however, can make things easier for you. They already have the experience and network to find the best matches. The compatibility question will no longer be a question for you because the dating agency already has the answer.

Less Guesswork

One of the biggest dangers of using a dating app is that you’re never sure if the profiles you are looking at are authentic. We’ve heard all the horror stories stemming from these. Some people use fake profile pictures, some alter their photos too much, and some do not put enough information at all. You’re always left guessing if the person you swiped right to is really authentic. Dating apps have even been used for criminal activity, from robbery to kidnapping and even prostitution. An introduction agency in Melbourne can help you get past these obstacles and offer you a way to meet real people who are looking for lasting relationships. When it comes to this part, just skip the app.


Here is what a dating app cannot do for you— offer true relationship coaching. Apps are just tools, they cannot guide you well enough to build your self-esteem or equip you with skills that can make you a better person and eventually, a better spouse. Transitioning from single to taken takes more than a “swipe right”. There are dating agencies in Melbourne that can offer you and your partner (current or future) the kind of coaching support that will make your relationship stand the test of time.


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