Best Warehouse Storage Solution

Here are two top space-saving warehouse solutions that could really cut off a good portion of your business warehouse cost as well as maximized your existing storage space.

Mobile racking system

warehouseStatic shelving is used in warehouses to store products and for inventory. While static racking system is a standard use for manufacturing facilities, retail center and storage and distribution facilities, it can cluttered warehouse aisles and use much of the floor space. This problem has been solved by modern warehouses that resort to mobile racking system using mobile and moveable pallet racking. Mobile racking system allows existing static shelving to move side-to side and eliminates any issues in a drive in racking system. While it eliminates idle aisles, mobile shelving units provide full accessibility to stored items and create a dynamic racking system for a limited storage space. While it eliminates idle aisles, mobile shelving units provide full accessibility to stored items creating dynamic racking system for a limited storage space. One of its advantage is it can be modified to fit existing racking system. It is also easy to install and does not require additional manpower. Sydney Pallet racking provides mobile storage shelving for existing static racking for minimal charges that will not hurt warehouse operation cost. It is the best solution for the usual small warehouse space of small a business.

Wire Mesh decking

The use of wire mesh allows additional storage space. Besides its low cost tags, it is easy to install as it simply drops into place. Wire mesh deck is a good safety measure as it prevents pallets or products stored from falling. Wire mesh also allows easy identification of shelf contents and makes inventory and restocking. Its struts provide solid support to loads. Various types like waterfall decking, reverse waterfall and lay-in decking fit warehouse application with limited spaces. Warehouse with wire mesh has a good fire and safety prevention as it provides direct access to installed water sprinklers in case of fire. Wire mesh is a good alternative to the expensive and space-eater steel shelving.

It is basic when deciding shelving storage solution factors like storage density, inventory accessibility, item and load size and weight, storage design, cost of materials and installation and most of all floor space and building height should be considered. And these two space-saving storage solutions definitely are a good source of optimization of cost and facility space.

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