“Czech”-mate: In The Land Of Stories

With a list of interesting trips, exotic family holidays and attractive tourist destinations, travel Czech Republic along the Burgenstrasse Castle trail that presents itself as one of the most popular tourist trails in the whole of continental Europe. Spanning almost 1200 kilometers from the capital city of Prague, popularly known as the city of hundred spires, all the way up to Mannheim, this trail provides a connecting pathway for a large number of chateaus and castles and also passes along other attractive tourism hot-spots such as the historic towns of Becov nad Teplou and Cheb in the Western Bohemian regions.

czechrepNight tours with spirits, walks along unguided locations, tours with an accompaniment of tea, coffee, chocolate and a taste of other such aristocratic delicacies, costume tours in depiction of once enacted crimes at the many castles and chateaus and sports performances by the noblemen are merely a section of the events that are normally drawn up for tourists along this famous trail. Out of the hundreds of places that are on offer along this Burgenstrasse Castle trail, only a score belong to the Czechs but are definitely worth visiting for all touring parties.

One need not present the most attractive of locations along this trail. The Castle of Prague, known to all visitors to the national capital, stands at the head of this trail. Karlstejn Castle is a pit stop where you need to gaze upon the St. Wenceslas crown jewels and the Chapel of the Holy Cross. An equally deserving mention should be made of the treasured Reliquary of St. Maurus at the Becov nad Teplou chateau.

The renovated Palace Gardens and Manetin, which happens to be the magical Baroque city of the region with a beautiful chateau, are some of the new inclusions on this Castle trail. The 650th crowning anniversary of the King Wenceslas IV is also set to be celebrated this year at the Krivoklat Castle while alchemist Edward Kelly’s mysteries will be unraveled during the August Castle Chateau Night tours.

Tocnik Castle presents itself as a place of remembrance for the oldest citizens of the residence for noblemen. Meet up with the noblemen and their effervescent spirits during the night tours of Kozel Chateau, Svihov Water Castle and Kynzvart Chateau. Traditional tours and exhibitions apart, you also get the chance to run for the chamberlain candidate selection at the Horovice Chateau theatrical tour. Never hold back on allowing yourself to be invited to one of the many events that are on offer at the historical chateaus and castles dotting this Castle Trail.

For all those individuals looking for a walk down the road back to the historic times of the Roman period, the Burgenstrasse Castle trail in the Bohemian country of Czech Republic provides for the best possible answer. Truly an experience that will leave you “Czech”-mate and without a reply!

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