Discover Norway top destination in Europe

Why you should be visiting Norway soon.

Norway is best known for its landscapes and nature. It has abundance of fjords, islands, lakes, coastline, just to mention a few. The country is in the far north of Europe and possibly colder than the place you live. However, the experience you get from visiting Norway is special. The number of Australian tourists visiting the country is hugely increasing not only because of the serenity of the place but it’s now easier to get there. It’s every tourist dream to at least visit a country that is rich in attraction sites but also safe. The crime rate in Norway is low and the reason for this is very simple, the Norwegians are happy people. According to a report ‘World Happiness Report’ released in 2013 by the United nations, Norway is took the second spot out of 156 countries surveyed. There are a number of factors they considered for instance, health, freedom and social support.

5 Places to go in Norway.
1. Western Fjords.
Norway is famous for this feature. The Fjords are spread all over the country and not limited to a specific place.However, the most prominent Fjords are found in the western parts of the country. The most theatrical one is the Geirangerfjord. The western fjords are surrounded by steep rocks and very deep mountains but they have a good view.
2.Lofoten islands.
This is one of the most popular places to visit in Norway found in the northern part of the country. Some of the beautiful things to see here are the archipelago, which is actually the most popular scenic place in Norway.
3. Stavanger.
If you’re the kind that loves long sandy beaches and sunbathing, this is the place to visit. This is one of the best destination specially during the summer.
4. Oslo
A city between the forest. This is possibly one of the scenic places you’ll visit. If you love biking and hiking, don’t miss to pay a visit the capital of Norway.
5.Jotunheimen National Park.
Mounting climbing, hiking are some of the things you get here. Also the national park has the highest waterfall in Norway and a number of mountain ranges.
That list only highly a few places to go in Norway but if you want to experience everything that Norway has to offer then you must visit right now.

5 things to do in Norway
A highlight of a few things you can do in Norway.
Fjords cruise and safaris
Glacier hiking
Cycling and mountain biking
Museums and attractions

Why the Australian tourists are lucky.
Getting to Norway is now easier for the Australian tourist. Finnair offers one top flight to Norway. Due to the increasing numbers of tourist from Austria the Emirates has also got into the game. On top of that, Oslo joined the Emirates regional hubs. This has facilitated more Australians visiting Norway.

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