Experience Europe in All its Corners

Whenever touring around the world comes to mind, Europe is always at the top of the list. This lovely continent surrounded by Africa, Asia and Russia is endowed with 47 countries and an assortment of islands and territories. Should you plan for a trip to any of the countries in Europe, don’t forget to secure an overseas or domestic travel insurance, to keep you safe and secured during the entire trip. With grandiose manmade infrastructures, pristine beaches, magnificent landscapes and wonderful people, you will surely find a reason to keep coming back.

Many tourists say that when you visit Europe, you have to expect a lot of walking. This is because some tourist spots require vehicles to be parked from a distance so as not to pollute the natural resources. Therefore, safeguard yourself with a travel insurance before your entry to Europe so that you will have the peace of mind that you are secured the whole time. Besides, unavoidable circumstances can occur to anyone.

Before making a choice of destination, here are some European travel facts you could prepare for:

Accommodation costs

Rates of accommodation usually differ from one country to another and it also depends on the size of the room however, an ideal hostel room costs $20 to $40 USD per night. Accommodation in Paris is typically higher than those in Athens and Berlin. For those who are up for adventure, campsites are the cheapest forms of lodging and each space costs $10 to $15USD per night per person. One budget-saving tip is renting rooms with twin-sharing if you are checking-in in groups. Whether you choose travel Italy or any other country in the continent, accommodations provide basic amenities that any traveler needs such as HVAC, Wi-Fi service and hot and cold shower.

Food and meals

All throughout Western Europe, small food shops are scattered around and these are where you can buy cheap food products such as sandwiches, sausage and pizza ranging from $5 to $7 USD. You can see these small shops in main pedestrian areas, bus stations and train stations. If you plan to cook your own food, $70 USD is a good budget for a week. For restaurant meals, prepare an amount of $15-25 USD for a main dish and drink. Take note that food is more expensive in the east than in the west.


European cities have different modes of transportation and these are via bus, subway and tram. Using any of these would charge you $2 USD for a one-way trip. When traveling intercity, trains are the cheapest way to reach your destination. However, you have to choose from slow train to high-speed trains. Non-high speed trains are a lot cheaper. There is one main bus company in Europe called Eurolines and this is another option for traveling from one city to another. For as long as you are covered with an overseas travel insurance, all your trips are secured.

To sum it up, activities in Europe are absolutely limitless and you have nothing more to do but enjoy the beautiful culture and wonderful sceneries. To have a pleasant time in Europe, book a flight ticket and include an overseas travel insurance with it.

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