Hotels and Accommodations – Committed to Reduce Commercial Wastes in Partnership with Waste Management Solutions in Sydney Metropolitan Area

Tourism sector in Australia is encouraging business members in the industry including hotels and accommodations to minimize, reuse and recycle to reduce greenhouse gas emission and to improve the industry’s resilience to the impact of climate change. It is a fact that hotels and accommodations in Australia especially in Sydney Metropolitan is spending money on handling, transporting and disposing waste. Hence, in order to come up with sustainable waste management, many have committed to reduce waste and they are into partnership with waste management companies with rubbish collection services. With such action, many have significantly exceeded their waste reduction targets and at the same time, save money.hotel_waste2

What hotels and accommodation industry is doing?

Hotels and accommodation in Sydney metropolitan is setting good example in reducing waste and cutting cost along the way. The first course of action implemented is through hotels and accommodation associations, which encouraging members to establish waste reduction targets through its waste management contractors such as waste removals and to provide staff and stakeholders opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle. Members are provided with information and guidelines on how to reduce waste by working with suppliers and special waste contractors in handling, transporting, and disposing waste including hazardous components. Members are advised to hire only licensed rubbish collection contractors to take away hazardous waste such as cooking oil, old fluorescent tubes and washroom paper, shampoo bottles and plastic containers, tins  and  other hazardous wastes. With waste management contractors, hotels and accommodations enjoy regular monitoring of waste, and through its consultancy services, hotels, and accommodations are able to draw minimization of waste strategies like recycling glass, cardboard, papers, and plastics and tins and composting grass cutting and garden waste. Hotels also enjoy waste audit service for amount of waste every month and care regulation duties that ensure all waste are removed from the premises.

What hotels and accommodations are doing?

Hotels and accommodations in partnership with rubbish collection are doing their share in reducing waste by using bulk dispensers in washrooms, by avoiding single-serve products as coffee, sugar, butter, and condiments. Large hotels are using carpet squares so that only stained areas are replaced and modular beds so that only mattress tops are changed. Hotels’ restaurants are using washable table cloths and donating re-usable food and furniture to relief agencies. Small hotels and accommodations that can only hire cheap rubbish removal are  reducing waste by eliminating bottled water and using filter water instead.

Effective waste management allows hotels and accommodation industry to cost reduction which means less purchasing; saving staff’s’ time and reducing waste disposal bills. It allows the industry to a commitment of reducing commercial waste and promoting green environment.

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Hotels and Accommodations - Committed to Reduce Commercial Wastes in Partnership with Waste Management Solutions in Sydney Metropolitan Area, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating