How to Enjoy and Have Fun with a Loved One in Thailand

If you want to have fun and enjoy Thailand, you have endless choice of things to do in this magnificent holiday island. Bangkok is a good choice for some romantic experience with your significant other and Chai Mai is another good choice. Before you go, make sure you already booked your Thai hotel accommodation and bring your “things to do” list.  Here are some suggestions to include in your list.

Romantic cruise down the Chao Phraya River

Nothing beats the romantic atmosphere of cruising over the Chao Phraya River. There is always a private dinner available for couples who want to be alone while dining under the twilight and the scenic view of Banyan trees’s Apsara. If you have money to spent, skip the small cruise and opt a 5-star restaurant-cruise option and enjoy the best wine and sumptuous dinner. Your Thai hotel accommodation can arrange one for you and your loved one, or if you want more exciting cruise, you can ask your hotel staff about renting a small boat to take you along the river. There are also tourist boats that do the same but you have to share the ride with other couples and sometimes sharing the ride with other couples make the cruise a bit more romantic and exciting.

Rooftop bars/restaurants in Bangkok

Take your loved one to bar hopping in Bangkok and pick among the many rooftop bars that offer not only good food and drinks but also the beautiful city view at night. Again, you can ask your Thai hotel accommodation staff for a private dining option and sure there’s one that they can recommend for romantic dining at the rooftop bar or restaurant.

Dine in the dark

This is really a wacky sort of dining experience and it’s definitely a different experience to share with a loved one. Once you booked one, you will be assisted by the blind host/hostess to your table and with the lights off; you’ll experience food and drink in the dark, which makes the experience a total unique dining and it’s now the latest craze in holidays in Thailand packages.

Ziplining in Chai Mai

Take your loved one to some excitement with ziplining at Chai Mai. Your zipline people with pick you from your Chai Mai hotels for a 5-hour of fun and exciting ziplining while enjoying scenic forest views and the Gibbons.

Elephant ride and feeding

At the elephant sanctuary, you’ll enjoy elephant ride and feeding. Before returning to your Thailand hotels, you’ll enjoy simple but delicious lunch.

Thailand is a perfect getaway to have fun with your significant other. It has everything designed for couples’ fun and excitement. So, book a holiday the soonest.

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