European Holiday Transportation

Many tourists from all around the world are rushing to spend the remaining days of the summer vacation and this time, they want to spend it abroad. If you belong to these people then you may want to spend a holiday in Europe particularly in Italy or Spain. Both countries have interesting sights and attractions to offer and traveling in such marvelous countries are best experienced with getting a car rental “hyrbil” service once you get there. By driving a car, you can have the independence to go to whatever places you decide, kolla här för hyrbilar.

Going Around Italy

italyItaly is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Aside from hosting numerous pilgrimage and Christian gathering year after year, Italy is also famous for its amazing attractions that can be found in most of its key cities. The Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome for instance should never be missed once you set your foot on this holy land. This site is basically made of gold marbles with a museum stuffed with various types of precious gems. It also consists of underground tombs that belong to the past popes.

After Rome, you may want to visit the world famous Milan. The city is not only known as the home of the world’s two famous rivals in the field of football, AC and Inter but it is also known as the fashion capital of the country. If you are into fashion, you can simply visit some popular streets in the city particularly those that border Montepoleone. When going around the city, be it in Rome or Milan is best done by getting a car from a car rental Italy “hyrbil italien” shop. Such rental shops simply abound in the country.

Touring around Spain

spainIf your travel itinerary speaks of visiting Spain then you have to know that this country is definitely vast and wide with so many places and attractions to see and experience. Spain also comes with many cities where most of the finest attractions are found. Getting around the country will never be convenient if you walk or board a bus or a train. But, with a car hire Spain, titta här för att hyra bil i Spanien, you can easily travel in many different cities around the country. Of the many promising cities worth visiting for, you need to include the following on your list: Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Lanzarote, Ibiza, Fuerteventura, Granada, Malaga, and many more. All of these places are very much accessible with the help of cars that can be easily obtained in most rental shops around the country.


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