Keep It Safe Onsite

safetyEvery so often, work site construction incidents are recorded. That’s because proper guidelines on safety are not established. To help keep the construction site safe for the workers and equipment alike, you have to mind about the rules for safe operation.

Rule #1: Give your personnel proper training. It does not matter how long a certain personnel has been operating scissor lifts. What matters is if the personnel actually underwent the proper training to operate such a machine. Simple knowledge is not enough. You need to make sure that the person you entrust to handle the equipment is competent to deal with all kinds of circumstances, especially the unforeseen ones that usually cause the trouble. Some equipment dealers would provide a training program to their customers as part of the dealership service. Take advantage of that and enroll a qualified personnel from your end with whom you will entrust the management of important construction and building machines.

Rule #2: If you are to rent an equipment, inspect it thoroughly. Minor and major defects must be pointed out to ensure that the machines are in tiptop shape to work. There are various cherry pickers for hire but if you are not able to choose right, you might endanger your laborers with this money saving move.

Rule #3: Personnel must be in proper uniform before they get down to work. A complete gear is required for all members of the team – from the equipment operators down to the simple laborers. Gloves, boots, and helmets must be worn at all times, within the construction site.

Rule #4: Keep people from crowding the machine. The biggest headache of machine operators is the crowd that builds up around the machine. That makes it more difficult and more dangerous to operate the equipment. Always remind your people to take their proper places within the site. There is an elevated work platform and many other work platforms within the site where laborers are needed. Definitely, the space around the machines at work must be cleared.

Rule #5: Secure that obstructions are out of sight. Keeping obstructions away is a good manner of minimizing the amount of accidents within the construction site. It is important that people and machines are able to co-exist in an environment where they are not threatening each other. Proper planning and management will help ensure that the workplace is safe for everyone.

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