Keeping the Workplace Safe

The workplace is not exempted from any form of accident or disaster. Every employee must take part in keeping the workplace safe and secure. If you are the owner of a company, make sure that your workplace is equipped with fire hydrant systems so that water can be supplied immediately when fire happens.

Regardless of what kind of business you are running, fire safety should be a vital concern. Fire prevention is everybody’s responsibility. To practice fire safety in the workplace, here are some tips you can apply:

firehose1. Keep your workstation clean and tidy.

Paper is a material that can catch fire easily, therefore dispose waste paper properly and keep them away from electrical cords and switches. Discard old papers from your drawers and tear them into smaller pieces for easier discarding.

2. Check electrical cords regularly.

Sometimes, fire in the workplace is caused by damaged wiring and busted electrical cords. These objects can initiate fire instantly especially when surrounded with paper and stationery products. By checking on the electrical cords of your equipment, you can determine if repair or replacement is needed. To protect the outside coating of these cords, make sure to put them away from spots where they can be stepped on.

3. Never overload the circuits.

Do not overload switches on the electric plug. If you need to use a lot of electronic equipment or gadgets at one time, use an extension cord with several sockets so that electricity is distributed evenly and safely. When charging your mobile phone, take off the plug as soon as battery is full.

4. Turn off electronic devices when not in use.

Whenever you leave the workplace, make it a habit to turn off all electronic devices. These include copiers, printers, laptops, desktops and even coffee makers. Not only do you prevent fire, you also conserve energy.

5. Keep the workplace educated about fire protection Sydney.

Every employee must learn the basics of fire protection so that each one is vigilant during the occurrence of fire.

Upon learning the different tips on how to prevent fire, it is also essential to know some emergency tips in case fire occurs. In the event of fire, follow these emergency steps:

·         Do not panic and have presence of mind.

·         Know the building’s exit points.

·         Close the doors in the workplace to limit the spread of fire and smoke.

·         Use the stairs and emergency exits during evacuation and not the elevator.

·         Conduct a head count as soon as you reach a safer place.

Fire maintenance Sydney should be contacted to ensure that the workplace is safe from any form of fire hazard.

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