Psychology Practice in Australia – Scopes and Limitations

Psychologists are individuals licensed to address mental, emotional, or nervous disorders, and they provide treatments and counseling to the betterment of individuals, couples, families and the working groups who are living in a group environment in which they must relate with others. Problems with the relationships are addressed through variety of therapies such as relationship therapy, which is focused in addressing the need for healthy relationships. Each practicing psychologist may be limited by the scope of education, training, and specialties, and enjoys statutory authority to work with individual patients, children, families and working group.

Special training

Psychologists are trained to include the use of applied psycho therapeutic techniques such as in relationship therapy, and identify problems or issues in the marital relationship or in a social environment or working environment. Marriage therapy on the other hand is specialized clinical psychology that is mainly addressing patient’s mental state and disorders that may be affecting relationship in the marriage. Psychologists who are assisting patients to acquire better human relationships and in modifying feelings, attitudes and behaviors as well are called psycho therapists. They are called family therapist and may also performs clinical social work and service to help individuals return to normal life after suffering traumatic experience inside the marriage. Employers seek the help of psycho therapists in evaluating future and existing employee’s mental state that may be affecting relationship in the workplace and in performing their duties and responsibilities accordingly. Psycho therapists conduct training, test and evaluation related to work and in the work environment and provide treatment and help for anxiety whenever needed.

Scope of practice

Psychologists are not limited to diagnosing and treating only the less severe mental problems or disorders. It is the type of license each has that may limit or not permit one to perform treatments or counseling such as a marriage therapist is licensed to diagnosing and  provide treatment such as relationship therapy  but not limited to addressing issues outside the marriage. They can always conduct assessment, prognosis, and treatment whenever the service is needed. If one has the competence and training as well as education, he can ask to render psychological counseling or assist in therapeutic environment like schema therapy for people with recurring or suffering schema disorder lapses. The extent of services a psychologist may render is identified by the license acquired but does not limit one from diagnosing as well as treating people with mental problems or issues.

Generally, psychologists perform and practice wide range of services but are also lawfully working within the scope of practice and within their scope of competence determined by their training, education, and experience as well.

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