The Top 3 Pros and Cons of Premium Toilet Paper

Since the Grecian times, hygienic bathroom tools have massively changed. From stones and pieces of clay, good thing there is premium toilet paper now. You probably don’t mind it much but it definitely has something to do with you as well. Your health largely depends on it.

The development of using toilet paper is somehow a big issue for many as well. There are different details that can make you rethink twice about it. Though, its beneficial side is still a big matter. Check out here the list of pros and cons that you should know about the hygienic tool.

Consumer Perspective

Pros: If you’re opting for a cheaper alternative to costly water bills, then the use of equipment wipes is for you. This is also a good option for places that aren’t reached by water supply yet. It’s really convenient to use and dispose of than any other possible options.

Cons: On the other side of the premium toilet paper’s benefits, any consumer believes that it’s disadvantageous too. While it might consider low cost, it’s also becoming more expensive. Due to lots of adjusting fees companies need to have, they are passing to the people.

Health Perspective

Pros: Premium toilet paper is indeed beneficial when it comes to maintaining personal hygiene. You can also use for any comfort room business. Hence, it’s really convenient and practical. Buying it anywhere isn’t a problem too. You won’t mind peeing even in public restroom. It will definitely relieve from any urinary tract infection and other health issues.

Cons: When it comes to adult wipes, some researchers say that there are also health disadvantages for it. You can get hemorrhoid or piles due to excessive rubbing from it. Additionally, it can also bring bacterial infections that can lead to extreme itching and bleeding.

Environmental Perspective

Pros: Soft toilet papers are really recommendable for usage due to its easy disposal. It’s better than any other, which can heavily clog the drainage. This kind of paper is any way simpler to decompose. In relation, tissue paper companies are into recycling as well today. Turning used ones into this product supposedly helps decongest waste.

Cons: Most premium toilet papers are still made from trees. You might not know but you’re killing two years every year for it. It’s definitely a big factor considering wildlife conservation. Paper mills are also the third largest contributor to global warming. The premium toilet paper’s transportation pollution should be considered about it too.

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