Kangaroo Island in all Seasons of the Year

The Kangaroo Island is known as a precious gem in the Australian continent because of its pristine wilderness and majestic views of golden beaches and mountain ranges. These are what make tourists and visitors keep coming back for. You can visit the island all-year round and book for the finest luxury accommodation Kangaroo Island before your trip. Since the island is filled with splendid tourist attractions, a day is not enough to explore every corner. Spend a week in this magnificent spot and you‘ll be sure to bring home pleasant memories of food, fun and adventure.

kangaroo_islandThe magnificent Kangaroo Island or KI for short is the third prime Island in Australia next to Melville and Tasmania Islands. It is located in the southwest part of Adelaide lying under the South Australia state. From the mainland, Kangaroo Island is closest to Snapper Point in Backstair Passage with a distance of 8.4 miles from Fleurieu Peninsula. The nearest airport to Kangaroo Island is the Adelaide Airport that serves both domestic and international flights. From the airport, you can ride the ferry to reach the island that takes around four hours travel time. If you were able to book for luxury accommodation Kangaroo Island prior to your trip, you can head straight to your hotel room and enjoy a stunning view of the mountains and ocean from your window.

Making an early reservation for lodging is always a good idea however, if you come in as a walk-in visitor, you can always find Kangaroo Island accommodation that is open to tourists at any time. Besides, there’s enough accommodation for all tourists.

Kangaroo Island is a destination for all seasons. During the summer, wild flowers and native trees dominate the island greeneries. Wildlife creatures are sheltered in bushland habitats to prevent them from extreme heat exposure. From dawn to dusk, Tammar wallabies and kangaroos scatter around animal parks. Summer time begins in December and ends in February.

In Autumn, you will be amazed with the views of pastures turning into green and waterways starting to flow. With light rain falling during this season, wildlife animals are fed with fresh growth of food. Autumn is called the transition period and so little penguins and black cockatoos begin nesting while fungi start to grow on rotting wood and damp grounds. These are what you can witness as you visit the island in the months of March, April and May.

As winter comes in the months of June to August, Kangaroo Island exhibits abundant wildlife, flowing rivers and lush green countryside. It is the coldest time of the year and so you have to wear the thickest clothing there is. Inside a luxury accommodation Kangaroo Island is a fireplace that you can light-up for added heating.

Spring is known as the season of rebirth. An array of wild flowers, mammals and birds abound in the island and the weather is at a perfect temperature. These are what you can enjoy from September to November.

Kangaroo Island happens to be a wonderful tourist hub all-year round. Once you set foot in any country in Australia, consider spending some time in this spectacular island.

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