Laser Hair Removal Review

Constant removal of hair through waxing, shaving or even plucking can be so tiring and annoying because you need to do them every so often, and sometimes you just do not have that extra time to do that.

Good thing now is that there is another way to remove those unwanted hairs through laser hair removal that retards the growth of the hair. Although, it does not fully assure that the hair will be removed permanently, at least you are sure that those unwanted hairs will not grow back as fast as when you wax or shave.

How Does It Work?

skinrejuThis kind of medical procedure uses the laser beam to remove the unwanted hair by going through the skin. The light is then absorbed by the pigment called melanin, and then it targets each hair follicle and damages it.  When the hair follicle is damaged by the laser beam, the growth of the hair is slowed down.

To become effective, a person needs many treatments and sessions to prolong the hair-free period.  We are fortunate that at this time, there are already many skin treatments and alternatives. What is good about these latest treatments is that it takes a long period of time before the hair re-grows.  In some instances, the reaction of the laser therapy is so good that the hair does not grow back at all.

However, do take note that this type of hair removal is best for those with combination of dark hair and light skin.  It may not be effective for some hair colors such as white, gray, blonde or red; and the effectiveness of this kind of treatment can also be affected by the color of the hair and the type of the skin.

The Results Laser Hair Removal

Almost all the unwanted hair in the body can be removed except the ones in the eyelid or the nearby areas.  The most common areas in the body that are treated are the legs, the armpits, the upper lip, the chin and the bikini line.

Sometimes we need this kind of treatments for skin rejuvenation as well, so perhaps it is best that we go through this treatment at least once in a while.  The cost for laser treatment depends on many factors such as the area to be treated and the number of sessions to be done.  The location and type of the clinic where you will have your treatment done can also affect the price for this kind of treatment.

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