Most Sought After Romantic Getaways in Europe

Europe is one of the most popular destinations for those traveling as a couple seeking the best romantic getaway. Ranging from romantic cities, medieval towns, castles and even seasides, Europe has more to offer than most couples would dream off. The numerous romantic spots to visit and are ideal for all romantic occasions including wedding day, valentines day, honeymoon as well as wedding anniversaries. These are the top romantic spots in Europe.


Popularly known as the City of Love, Paris is one of the most romantic spots in Europe. Couples can enjoy a variety of romantic experiences including strolling along River Seine, dining at elegant outdoor cafes and restaurants, visit iconic museums as well as the Eiffel tower, well known for its alluring flickering at night. A night with your partner around the city is further enhanced by glowing streetlamps and charming trees, ideal for romantic walks. Paris is also known for its divine cuisine, shopping malls, cruises, graceful bridges, vast art collections and neo-classic design architecture.


venice_coupleVenice is the best destination for couples seeking romantic experiences close to the sea. The 1500 years old city is popular for its serene atmosphere and fresh air especially when roaming the streets that has no vehicles. The best time of the year for couples to visit Venice is between late fall and late winter. Couple can go around the city by foot or by water, using the gondolas. Some of the best sites for couples to visit in Venice include the alleyways, bridges, basilicas as well as the La Serenissima, meaning the most serene one. Couples can also relax at the Piazza San Marco or enjoy magical moments at the palaces, fine shops, restaurants and art galleries.


London offers an ideal combination of quirky, sweet, cool and spectacular experiences to couples. The city receive visitors from all over the world seeking to either impress their dates with the numerous panoramic views of the city or take a romantic stroll around the magnificent city. In addition, lovers also get a chance to soak up some of the city’s culture and history, snuggle up in a romantic pub or catch a West End show. Couples can also enjoy some of the most relaxing cruises along the rivers and canals as they enjoy various fascinating sights. There are boats and barges for rent, allowing couples to enjoy the most exclusive and private tour, with meals available on board.


This is considered to be one of the most sought after romantic getaway destinations in Greece. Santorini is popularly known for its exquisitely clear water which couple can enjoy while in the middle of the sea, perched around the rim of a huge active volcano. Santorini has a reputation of being world’s best wedding destination that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. A vacation in Santorini is a dream to all couples who come to exchange kisses beneath the famous Santorini sunset or dine at the famous Caldera restaurant.

If you need a travel guide in Santorini:

When traveling as a couple, it is advised that you book your hotel room in advance to avoid disappointment and embarrassment on your most romantic moments. In addition, remember to book the best romantic hotels that suits your needs as well as budget. It is also recommended that you do a prior research on the various romantic spots to visit. This will ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for your romantic vacation.

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