Travel to Europe & Make the most of your Life!

Thinking spending some quality time with your family for de-stressing and rejuvenation- Europe is the best place which is termed as one the most beautiful continents. The scenic Beauty and serenity of the European Country is very soothing.

Tourist attraction and things to do in Europe:
When in Europe as a tourist there are many things which can be explored – which we all want to do once in our lifetime. To name a few:
It can be anything from swimming in the crystal clear water in the Amalfi Coast to sipping coffee on the Eiffel Tower. Visiting the Buckingham for staring out at the Queen’s Guard but I bet you are won’t win. The Vatican City, termed as the smallest country in the world. Dance lovers, dance under the Northern lights in Iceland. The Jewish Museum in Berlin. In Nice soak yourself in the sun. Try Sky diving over the Swiss Alps and Opera in Vienna.
Visit European country for an overall awesome and amazing experience of Europe.
Denmark is a country to fascinate any tourist because of its beautiful places and events. The people, language, cuisine all make the country a beautiful and distinctive place to visit.
The white Cliffs – The coast changes spectacularly in south of Copenhagen. Just walk down or cyle across the Highest White cliffs of Denmark to relax and unwind.
Don’t miss the amazing Tivoli Park. Tourists keep this place on the top of their list because of its serenity, rides and fun park.
Visit the longest shopping streets – the Stroget in Copenhagen you can find numerous things at very low prices.
Don’t miss the the Kronborg Castle near Halsingor, Oresund Bridge Connecting Denmark and Sweden, Original Legoland in Billund, old town of Arhus, Denmar, Island of Bornholm, Little Mermaid in Copenhagen.

The seventh most visited country in the world is Germany. It is famous for its ancient architecture, lively festivals, surrounded by beautiful nature, exciting and fascinating events, the delicacies, over and above all the �Best Beer’. What more a person who is on leisure can ask for.
To be precise the best tourist place to visit in Germany are:
City of Berlin: if you are young at heart, you can’t miss this place. Berling Film Festival
Oktoberfest, Festival Mediaval, Wagner Festival in Bayreuth
The Carnival Season

City of Munich
River cruises on the Rhine and Maine

City of Hamburg
Frankfurt Book Fair

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Gili Islands – Visiting the Three Destinations

Style travel articles often feature the Gili Islands as a destination for the party lovers out there. This has three main islands, each of which has something unique to offer. Gili Islands hotels are often booked by those who want to get some sand, surf, beach and tan. Here’s a quick tour of the three islands.

Gili Trawangan

Among the three islands, this is considered the most developed and largest of all. Gili Trawangan, fondly called as the “Gili T”, has the most number of hotels, resorts, and guesthouses, which is about more than a hundred. For the visitors, Gili T has a number of beach shacks and bars – a party goer will never run out of places to visit and things to do. Accommodation in Gili Islands are often considered cheap and it’s the case in this particular island. This island is certainly not for the faint of heart. Drugs are very common in Gili T where pot and cocaine are offered along the pier. Now, we strongly advise you not to get involved because these are still considered illegal in Indonesia.

Gili Meno

Gili Meno is the smallest among the three islands. There is a limited option for Gili Islands hotels in this place. Similarly, there is but a small number of bars in the area, but not so that you could not find a decent one. Compared to Gili T, this is considered the best destination for those travelling with their families. You won’t have problems coming across rowdy crowds, nor would you see illegal drugs being peddled on the sidewalks. Your kids will have a great time building sandcastles in Gili Meno, where its beaches facing the Lombok are considered a safe place for swimming, perfect for a snorkeling adventure.

Gili Air

If you like to see green, you should be searching for Gili islands hotels that are located in Gili Air. You might also get lucky and get to meet the indigenous people (the other two islands don’t have them). This is greener compared to the two other islands. Gili Air attracts the more upscale market. Compared to the party goers in Gili T, those who visit Gili Air are often described as more mature. This is not an over-developed beach so don’t expect too much though.

Aside from Gili Islands, you might also be interested in exploring nearby places such as Bali and Lombok and then just drop by the Gili Islands afterwards. For this, you might also be interested to check out Bali and Lombok accommodation.

If you want to enjoy beautiful views of the sea, consider a beach holiday to Gili Islands. Book your stay at

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Travel to Intoxicating Bali to Relax

Bali, Indonesia is on the bucket list of a lot of people because of its beauty and natural charm. Most often than not, tourists look for beach hotels in Bali in order to spend as much time under the sun during their vacation. After all, there is no point in going to Bali and not enjoy the beach or the activities offered there. While not everyone is a good swimmer, there is something relaxing about walking on the beach and just feeling the warm sand on your toes. Yes, it’s truly a dream getaway, especially if you experience bitterly cold winters where you’re from.

depositphotos_130532564_s-2015The best piece of travel advice in this article is to book your accommodations early. Beach hotels in Bali get filled up pretty quickly, especially during the summer. If you are travelling here for a special occasion like a birthday or wedding anniversary, you can tell the hotel of your purpose and they will make special arrangements for you. This can be a romantic dinner, a cake baked especially for you, or a complimentary massage. The last one is a great experience that you shouldn’t pass up on.

Beach hotels in Bali stay true to its name. Your hotel could be situated just a few feet from the shore and you can hear the crashing of the waves as you go to sleep. When not inside the luxury of your hotel room or villa, you can also take a nap on hammocks by the beach and sip cocktails while lounging in the sun. Such is the life in this tropical paradise. Seminyak beach hotels, most especially, are popular for their luxury accommodations and amenities.

If you’re thinking what else is in store for you in Bali, you can be assured that there will never be a dull moment in your vacation. You can surf, go island hopping, or spend hours walking around the villages to see what local life is. Another popular place to stay at is Legian hotels where you will find mouth-watering local and continental cuisine for your enjoyment. The produce in Bali is always fresh and at its best. If you love seafood and fresh fruits, you will truly enjoy it here.

Canggu hotels, on the other hand, is a good place for families and groups. You can ask about room sharing options if you are traveling on a budget or simply want to spend most of your time in the company of friends and family. This is a great idea for family vacations – especially if you are travelling with kids.

Stressed from work? Find peace and tranquility in Bali’s beaches and stay at one of the best accommodations. Book with

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A Bali Private Villa Experience For the Ultimate Relaxation

Not all travels should be filled with adventures and tourist destination. Sometimes, the sole purpose of a vacation is to be able to relax which is why a lot of people nowadays prefer to rent villas in Bali. Bali, which is located in Indonesia, is one of the most popular paradise beach destination in Asia. It offers a great blend of a tourist destination and a relaxing getaway. It has a busy shopping district, surfing area, nightlife, and relaxing luscious mountain range. With the different sides of Bali, it depends on the tourist what kind of vacation they would like to experience. Usually, tourists go to Bali to interact with the locals as they immerse themselves in the Balinese culture.

depositphotos_108101954_s-2015Recently, there is an increase in demand for the best Bali Villas. People are starting to discover another side of Bali that offers privacy and relaxation. Instead of staying in big hotels with numerous people staying for the holidays, some families and tourists prefer to rent villas in Bali. These villas are strategically located in secluded areas on the island. They offer a private luxury retreat for their customers. Most villas have their own private pool that may also be located in front of the beach. For those who prefer the calmness of nature, there are also villas within the luscious forests of Bali.

One of the popular destinations in Bali is Seminyak. It is a beach town located in the southern part of Bali. It has luxury accommodation, high-end restaurants, bars, and high fashion boutiques for those who cannot do away with shopping. It has a much more sophisticated ambiance compared to the laid-back nature of Kuta. People who still want to experience the nightlife and culture of Bali prefer to look for the best villas in Seminyak. It gives them the best of both worlds. They can spend time in restaurants and bars or stay in their private villas for complete escape from the city life. Every villa in Bali is inspired by different architectural designs. There are traditional Balinese villas and modern villas that are both exquisite in their own way.

During peak seasons, the beach, shopping area, hotels, and restaurants may become crowded. The main reason why people prefer to go to Bali is because of its paradise ambiance that comes with a serene atmosphere. In summer, the serenity may be replaced by hundreds to even thousands of tourists swarming the whole island. To prevent too much crowd, it would be best to rent villas in Bali that would give you the isolation and serenity you are looking for. You can have a spa service in your villa to complete the relaxing experience.

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Hotels and Accommodations – Committed to Reduce Commercial Wastes in Partnership with Waste Management Solutions in Sydney Metropolitan Area

Tourism sector in Australia is encouraging business members in the industry including hotels and accommodations to minimize, reuse and recycle to reduce greenhouse gas emission and to improve the industry’s resilience to the impact of climate change. It is a fact that hotels and accommodations in Australia especially in Sydney Metropolitan is spending money on handling, transporting and disposing waste. Hence, in order to come up with sustainable waste management, many have committed to reduce waste and they are into partnership with waste management companies with rubbish collection services. With such action, many have significantly exceeded their waste reduction targets and at the same time, save money.hotel_waste2

What hotels and accommodation industry is doing?

Hotels and accommodation in Sydney metropolitan is setting good example in reducing waste and cutting cost along the way. The first course of action implemented is through hotels and accommodation associations, which encouraging members to establish waste reduction targets through its waste management contractors such as waste removals and to provide staff and stakeholders opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle. Members are provided with information and guidelines on how to reduce waste by working with suppliers and special waste contractors in handling, transporting, and disposing waste including hazardous components. Members are advised to hire only licensed rubbish collection contractors to take away hazardous waste such as cooking oil, old fluorescent tubes and washroom paper, shampoo bottles and plastic containers, tins  and  other hazardous wastes. With waste management contractors, hotels and accommodations enjoy regular monitoring of waste, and through its consultancy services, hotels, and accommodations are able to draw minimization of waste strategies like recycling glass, cardboard, papers, and plastics and tins and composting grass cutting and garden waste. Hotels also enjoy waste audit service for amount of waste every month and care regulation duties that ensure all waste are removed from the premises.

What hotels and accommodations are doing?

Hotels and accommodations in partnership with rubbish collection are doing their share in reducing waste by using bulk dispensers in washrooms, by avoiding single-serve products as coffee, sugar, butter, and condiments. Large hotels are using carpet squares so that only stained areas are replaced and modular beds so that only mattress tops are changed. Hotels’ restaurants are using washable table cloths and donating re-usable food and furniture to relief agencies. Small hotels and accommodations that can only hire cheap rubbish removal are  reducing waste by eliminating bottled water and using filter water instead.

Effective waste management allows hotels and accommodation industry to cost reduction which means less purchasing; saving staff’s’ time and reducing waste disposal bills. It allows the industry to a commitment of reducing commercial waste and promoting green environment.

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Travel to London – The Magical Hub of Luxuries and Attractions

Each travel to London is more rewarding than the next. This city cultural center is packed with history and art, parks and beauty. You can absorb a lot just by driving through the city streets in a taxi cab, but make sure that on your vacation you visit these ten places on foot before you leave.

british_museum1. The British Museum has millions of items and artifacts to peruse. What started as Sir Hans Sloan’s collection of 71,000 items in 1753 has blossomed into one of the biggest storehouses of ancient artifacts in the world. Best of all, admission to this old museum remains free of charge.

2. Saint Paul’s Cathedral is one of Great Britain’s most beautiful spiritual centers. Although it is a historic building (rebuilt in 1666 after the Great London Fire), it is still home to modern weddings and funerals. Living members of British royalty and national leaders have held ceremonies there.

3. The Tower of London is a fascinating step back into time. Here, you can be horrified by the dungeons, and you can marvel at the Queen’s Jewels. Try not to imagine too much of the Tower’s violent history, though, or you might have nightmares.

4. The Natural History Museum is a great place to take children, because of its treasure trove of dinosaur bones. Kids and adults alike will love roaming the halls of this museum, checking out its many collections in its old hallways.

5. Westminster Abbey is one of London’s most famous and beautiful churches, but it is most famous for its former residents. Take a walking tour of the Abbey and hear about all the famous literati who are buried within its walls.

6. The Tate Modern is the best place to see modern art in London. The Tate houses paintings by such 20th-century masters as Matisse, Warhol, Bacon, and much more.

7. The London Zoo houses over 12,000 animals within its gates. This is not one of the world’s most famous zoos for no reason. There are so many animals that you cannot see them all in one day. Plan on taking a few trips to absorb all the fauna.

8. The British Airways London Eye is an observation wheel high above the city that allows visitors to London to get a bird’s eye view of the landscape below. The Eye is host to millions of visitors a year and is the best way for a tourist to get the lay of the land. Sightseeing will be much more fun once you have seen the whole city from above.

9. The National Gallery is a museum of both ancient and modern masters. You can spend hours roaming the halls of this 19th-century museum. Its location is also ideal – you can find the National Gallery in the center of Trafalgar Square.

10. The Madame Tussaud’s Experience is one that can’t be missed when you travel to London. This is as close as a tourist can get to living history. Historical people and events are recreated in wax and animatronics. Be prepared to be surprised and enthralled by their realistic qualities.

Customers can get complete information about the various backpacker tours in London and packages from London tour guides.

Other things to do in London:

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European Tour Packages And Holiday Destinations

Get ready to discover and explore the very best of European Tours, Germany, Norway, France. By using on of the many tour operators that offer delightful European tours, your European vacation is sure to be a memorable one. And it does not have to cost a fortune since there are tours to suit every budget, need and want. Whatever you do, be sure to include a river cruise on your European tour. Fortunately, the river cruises can be customized to suit any time constraints and any family budget. Needless to say, you may not be able to see all that European Tours; Germany, Norway, France has to offer on your first tour.

Numerous Plans Offering Multi-city Programs, Fly And Drive Tours And More

There are also various plans offered including multi-city programs, fly and drive tours, escorted tours and river cruises. One great option with looking into are the Multi-city programs. These programs provide delightful visits to some of the most popular and finest tourist destinations in Europe.

Before embarking on a European Tours, Germany, Norway, France, you should get all the necessary information to be informed of different climatic conditions, language barriers, passport and visa regulations, health precautions, travel insurance, code of conduct as well as luggage restrictions so that you are well prepared for the good and bad that any European tour will serve up.

Departing to a destination in Europe is the first step on a European tour, and would involve choosing the carrier that is best suited in terms of fare, seat availability and personal choice. Winter offers some cut-throat fares while summertime sees fares shooting up.

The top cities in Europe offer impressive sights to see and have many exciting things to do and places such as the Coliseum, Eiffel Tower, Tower Bridge, Musee du Louver, Acropolis, Duomo, Musee d’Orsay, Fontana di Trevi, Tower of London and much more will keep the itinerary full and busy.

Among the familiar sights in Paris you can get a panoramic view from the Eiffel Tower, visit the best in art museums by checking out the Louver, find the hunchback of Notre Dame eye-catching, as well as find time to take in the outstanding Arc de Triomphe in the heart of Paris and view the oldest bridge in Paris that straddles the Seine river. Other interesting sights in Paris include the Musee d’Orsay, Invalides, Versailles and the Champs Elysees.

Another must see tourist destination that is always included in a European tour is Rome. Here you can expect to have more fun than anywhere else in the world. The Roman Forum used to be the main marketplace and business center in times gone by and is well worth a visit. To wish for something your heart deeply desires, you can toss three coins into the Trevi Fountain and pray for a return to the Eternal City. Another major attraction in Rome is the Vatican. If you plan your tour well or if you are just lucky you can gain entrance for free if you happen to be there on the last Sunday of the month, another place worth visiting is the Pantheon in the Piazza Della Rotonda. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to crawl through the Piazza Navona and Piazza del Fiori, which just happen to be the two most famous piazzas in all of the Rome.

Germany too is a must on any European tour itinerary as there is plenty of history, art, and culture to keep visitors enchanted. There are numerous attractions in Germany such as the Neuschwanstein Castle that overlooks the Hohenschwangau valley, and this castle was the inspiration for Walt Disney when designing the Sleeping Beauty Castle for Disney Land. Berlin is certainly every tourist’s choice thanks to the many splendors found there, such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Remnants of the infamous Berlin Wall or the history contained in the Charlottenburg Palace, which is the oldest Prussian palace still standing.

As Norway is not as crowded as many of the other European countries, you won’t feel overwhelmed by all the other tourists. You can see the sights and not feel stressed. You can take a scenic ferry ride to see the natural wildlife and outdoors. It is close enough to take a day trip by ferry to Germany and Denmark if you miss your population fix.

Water is a natural beauty here. You can go scuba diving or river rafting. You can even take a tour of the fjords of Norway. What exactly is a fjord you might ask? It is a piece of land that was shaped into being by the abrasion of glaciers. They will have a diamond or triangular cut into the bedrock of the land. This is something that you won’t see elsewhere.

For those who want to explore the bitter and the sweet, a trip to Dachau allows you to take in the dark side of German history. No doubt about it. You will never run out of things to see and do in Germany not the rest of Europe for that matter. Any European tour you take will be sure to offer something for everyone ” from children to grown-ups to backpackers and serious travelers. One thing is for sure, the charm, history, and diversity you will encounter on a European tour will make you want to take repeat trips year after year! Such is the attraction of European cities for tourists from all around the world.

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Some Daydream Ski Resorts Which Are A Must Visit

For some time now, my thoughts have been stuck on ski resorts. It is the middle of summer but if you have any experience with resorts, you know that you want to book early to make sure you can get a place at the one that really caught at your heart. As a result of this interest I have been reading some top ski guides and taking special notes of those ones who either seem the most idyllic or the most rip-roaring, adrenaline-rushing fun. Here’s why travel to Europe is definitely in my future.

Sauze D’oulx


This ski resort falls in the idyllic category for me. It is in beautiful Italy, close to the town of Turin so it is not difficult to get to and from the airport and the town is old and charming, having become more upmarket during the past couple of decades.

Though the lift system is extensive and capable of getting you just about anywhere you want to go in the lovely Via Lattea (which means Milky Way, by the way, so definitely part of the romantic pitch for taking the lady on holiday), it reportedly has the occasional slow lift to drag out your day. Truth be told, I never minded a slow lift. Snow is not something I grew up with so a leisurely chance to observe the landscape always works for me.

As for skiing opportunities, the prevalence of red runs means this resort is definitely most suited to intermediates looking for a great cruise or a rush on a woodland off piste (for which there are some good guides to get you to the best). And don’t forget, this is a quiet resort during weekdays. Crowds will not be a problem Monday through Friday which is great for some focus and relaxation.

Sierra Nevada

When I first read about this resort I thought it was in America. While I am a bit ashamed about my geography skills I am very excited about this Spanish resort. It has nearly equal amounts of blue and red pistes, which is great as I am still developing my skills. In addition to this, most of the runs are above the tree line (which is also indicative of some great quality powder, way up there), so it is just you, the snow, the skis/snowboard (there are plenty of snowboarders), and perhaps the snow park with a total of 46(!) obstacles down the run for you trick on.

To give you an idea of the tier of this ski resort, it has hosted three different types of world-class competitions. It is the most southerly resort in Europe and is blessed with a lot of sun and you can expect great weather to go with the great snow.

Besides the great skiing, the village of Pradollano, close to the resort, offers some great activities which is always a fun distraction when you are with a group. Toboganning, anyone?

Davos Klosters

Is it just me or is there something special about Switzerland. These are actually two towns situated across a valley from each other with some incredibly long pistes lasting kilometers so you can just go and go and go on the side of Davos.

This is an area which is not suited to beginners due to the long stretches of cruising you will be doing. Just about everywhere you go there is a good cruise to be had and the wide open spaces can be so vast, at times, that there will be no one around. Now that’s what I call skiing. You and the snow and the slope.

Parting remarks

So now you know why travel to Europe is definitely on my itinerary this coming winter. I’ll be keeping my eyes on those top ski guides because you never know when you might learn about the next skiing gem, tucked into the mountains of Japan, or a great deal in wonderful old Romania. Until then, rip the slopes my friends.

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Stop points during a vacation in Germany

Germany is indeed one of the best places in the world that one can visit for a family or solo vacation. It is popularly known for the Oktoberfest help each year but this place has a lot of more hidden treasures waiting for you to explore. With a wide array of natural beauty, culture, history, party scenes and many more, you are sure to be spoilt for choice.

Don’t fret though, if you have no idea on where to start visiting during your stay there, this article has compiled a few of the best places to go in Germany.

The Cologne Cathedral

The art used to build this cathedral started way back in the year 1248 is just a site to behold. Wait until you go inside and you will be amazed with the size of this place which measures over 6000meters with 56 huge pillars. The interior art is over 12 centuries old which was done by a man called Nicholas.

The German Parliament

Located in the heart of German’s capital; Berlin, anyone visiting Germany is allowed to have a view of how its parliament looks like. It is not just any other ordinary parliament you see out there. The first thing that catches your eye from the outside is the huge dome located in the middle of the entire building.

The Berlin Wall

You’ve prolly heard about this place here and there but do you know it’s so famous? The Berlin is exactly that; a huge wall. What makes it stand out is the colorful art done on the entire 1km stretch. You definitely need to make a stop here and take a photo or two.

theenglishgardensDer Tiergarten

Tiergarten simply means �animal garden’. This is one place that you shouldn’t miss during your vacation in Germany. The place is filled with colorful flowers and evergreen trees and grass. The name may insinuate that the park is full of animals but it’s actually names that due to the fact that it was initially used for hunting animals. However, there is a nearby zoo called Zoologischer garten that you could also visit.

The English Garden

This park located in Munich is one of the largest parks globally. In this park you can enjoy some good beer or if you like or you can go to the nudist area and let your body enjoy some warm sun rays.

The fish market a.k.a Fischmarkt

If you would like to enjoy some good fish, make your way to this market. Apart from fish, it also has a wide variety of other fresh and scrumptious foods that you can buy. This market is always filled with tourists looking to experience the locals’ dishes.

There are so many more places to go in Germany that can’t fit in our article. However, you can always go online and read articles and reviews on the best places to visit Germany. While you are at it, take that time to compare car rentals because you are definitely going to need a car if you want to reach as many places as you can. Learning a bit of the German language can also do you good to prevent language barrier. That way you are sure to have the most memorable times of your life.



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Are you planning to visit Rhodos? Hire a car for an unforgettable holiday experience

Best time to visit Rhodos

Do you have plans for visiting Rhodos anytime soon? It is advisable to go from March to November. Most tourists like visiting Rhodos during summer because it’s peaceful and less expensive to stay there.

rhodosgreeceThings to do in Rhodos 

Rhodos has a rich history that dates back to thousands of years. You can visit monuments and museums to see proof of the long history. If you are a nature lover, then driving through central Rhodos when visiting the small villages is a unique experience. The natives are friendly and prepare delicious delicacies. Rhodos is also ideal for those who can’t do without nightlife fun. High end bars and clubs around Rhodos offer entertainment for all tastes.

Places to visit in Rhodos

There are many destinations to visit in Rhodos. Here are just a few of them.

Valley of butterflies

If you love nature, then the Valley of butterflies is among the most attractive destinations that you shouldn’t leave the island without visiting. Thousands of butterflies from a particular genus flock this destination to reproduce.


This is one of the most amazing archeological marvels on Rhodos Island. The most important archeological monuments are found at the acropolis. There are other interesting ruins which are scattered at several points within the town and its suburbs. Lindos is easily accessible by road.

Marine aquarium

In the northern part of the island you will find the Hydrobiological Station that was built between 1934 and 1936. If you are interested in oceanography and other marine activities then it will be unfair to leave Rhodos without visiting this amazing research center.

Ancient Kamiros

Located on the north western shore of the island, Kamiros is the third ancient city. There were three large ancient cities on the island. Its history dates back to 5 B.C and it was particularly inhabited by Achaeans. It is believed to be the first city in Rhodos to produce its own coins.

Why drive around Rhodos?

Rhodos is unlike most Greek islands. It boasts of long and beautiful beaches and good climate throughout the year. Apart from that, Rhodos has lots more to explore. It is a large island and if you don’t want to stay in the city or on one beach, then you will have to hire a car for your holiday. The advantage of driving is that it is the best way to see what Rhodos has to offer especially if you are visiting for the first time. In Rhodos there are many car rental companies with all the cars that will make your holiday experience unforgettable. They are available at very affordable rates if you do your research properly. If you want to explore this beautiful island safely and at your own pace don’t hesitate to hire a car. The process of hiring a car is easy and it can be done prior to your arrival so that you start your holiday without much hassle. All you require is an international or European driving license. The roads are in perfect condition and are very safe.

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