Tips in exploring French Flea Markets

paris-flea-marketFrance is a fascinating place and to explore France is to explore too the French Flea markets. The French flea market started during the late 19th centuries in Paris giving way to the fad of collecting retro of every imaginable things from vintage clothes and shoes, chairs, magazines, books, spoons and cutlery, home wares, ribbons and etc. and while the fad spreads all over France, it became a Paris tradition that everyone should never miss out while in France. For your French Flea market excursion here are some tips that would get you with a bag full of Flea market’s scores.

Start early

Set your alarm clock early, as many French markets open not later than 7 in the morning and the dealers leave not later than noon and by arriving early, you get the fresh catch. You are located in a nearby hotel, you’ll have any problem walking in but if you are a few miles away, car ride would be best to arrive early. Since French flea market is part of your Paris experience, a car hire would fix your travel from one to another flea market.

Get your cash ready

It is easier to pay with cash as most of the items are for cheap and low price. You can use your credit card on bulk buys and items that are sold with high price tag which is not common as all are for disposal so cheap buys are the star of the day. However if you forget to carry cash, there are ATM booths near and within each Flea market to allow you to pay in cash. You can reserve your credit card for paying your cheap car hire.

Take your time

Take it cool and slow. Don’t rush to buy what catch your fancy. There are plenty time for your to find what you really need. By taking is slow, you can end up paying the lowest price for a vintage jacket or belt or shoes. The French flea markets usually have long blocks for different merchants so you’ll have a long streak for choosing an item. Rushing out could lead to losing the chance to see the rare finds in the end corner.

Hop to other flea market

Don’t buy your item in one flea market but instead hop to the next to find and compare which has the best deal. Roam around Paris and you’ll find three or more French Flea market offering you the pompous taste of buying and getting retro items with authentic Parisian tag.

Traveling to France is a highlight in one’s travel itinerary and this is because France is synonymous to high living and top rate traveling.

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