Top 5 Amazing Ski Places in Switzerland

Switzerland is an amazing country to ski. The following is an overview of the Top 5 Ski Places in Switzerland. The list does not only present best ski place in Switzerland but also those that have been ranked among the top best ski places in the whole world.

1. Verbierswitzerland

This is one of the most popular resorts in Switzerland. The slopes of this place get a bit crowded during peak seasons. During the spring, the slopes stay in a pristine condition hence making this place a nice alternative to the winter which may be overcrowded in other times. Locations at Verbier have been recommended by experts as amazing places to visit for beginners. Verbier is ranked as one of the top ski destinations in the world because of the presence of dinning, sporting and night life activities among other amazing tourist attractions.

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2. Zermatt

Zermatt has been said to have a Zen-like feel, making it among the top and best ski places in Switzerland. This place has a car free resort with amazing natural hiking trails that make those people who love nature to appreciate the nature of the place in a great way. There is the world popular area by the name Matterhorn in Zermatt that draws very many tourists from all over the world. Zermatt has got one of the freshest and cleanest airs in the world due to the presence of snow in the region.

3. Grindelwald

This ski lies in Bernese Oberland valley that is located in an area that is very close to the midst of Switzerland. This ski is unique on its own due to the presence of slopes that can only be accessed by use of a helicopter. If you get tired of the slopes that are found in Grindelwald, you can visit high class museums and golf sports that are within the region.

4. Saas-Fee

This ski place is located next to Zermatt. The amount of glacial activity in the region is what makes Saas-Fee one of the most popular skies in Switzerland. There are also a range of year round sports activities that are inclusive of summer skiing events.

5. St. Moritz

This is a resort that is full of history and amazing lodging. The sun shines in the region for more than 300 days a year. There are skies for both beginners and experts in the area. However, you must prepare to spend big money for you to fully enjoy visiting St. Moritz or any other ski.

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