Top places to visit in Namibia

During holidays, everyone want to travel to their dream destinations with an aim to have fun, relax and spend quality time with family and friends. Have you every thought of visiting any part of Africa and specifically the Southern region? If no, then consider it in your next holiday. Trying new places, learn and may be choose one of African country, Namibia. A travel to Namibia can be one of those memorable occasions especially if any of these destinations will be on your list.



This is a holiday destination meant for both locals and visitors who want to break away from the hot beach environment. The region is like a playground and full of adventure. The city’s street is lined with palm streets, restaurants and cafes. Although the city may be limited to some activities, it has a desert surrounding to keep you company. Visitors can enjoy the sand-boarding, skiing, quad biking and other numerous activities. Other common activities in Swakopmund include dolphin cruising and exploring the lagoons. You can also take a Kayak tour.

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Etosha National Park

This happens to be one of Africa’s best animal reserve. Mainly covered with shrubs, grass and woodland plains.For those who love nature, they can travel here during dry the seasons. During these seasons, millions of animal spices converge at the water catchment areas. You will have unlimited view of the big five. The game reserve has well defined roads and lodgings to host guests. The uniqueness of the enormous animal numbers in one place during the dry season makes the place one of the must visit places.

Fish River Canyon

This is the largest natural gorge in Africa and second largest in the world. It is a spectacular geographical phenomenon set in a stony environment. But you will be amazed to find the ever succulent and drought resistant trees here. The area is dry in all seasons of Namibia except during January and April when the rain falls. It is popular for hiking and taking memorable photographs.


It is said that Luderitz is the most unique part of Namibia. Located in the southern part of the country, it has cool and large water body full of fishing activity. Touring the town will see you tasting some of the most delicious sea recipes. You can take photos of the marine life such as the African penguins, Dolphins and irregular whale appearances. The town is easily accessible through travel by road or air. Visitors are well served at the hotels and the place hosts one of Namibia’s four-star hotels.


Whenever the name is mentioned, most people associate the place with desert environment. It is the largest continuous land covered by sand. It is naturally full of unique spices of trees like acacias and red ebony. The desert has seasons like other parts of the country. During rainy season, you will find fair green grass cover. Visitors who like it, have described their experience as emotional healing and promotes mental relaxation.

All the above destinations are random and there are other many places for touring in these country. Until you become part of the visit, you may not get to know Namibia’s wildest activities.

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