Transportation In and Around Oslo

oslocarleaseOslo, the metropolitan capital of Norway, is one of the biggest cities in the whole Scandinavian region. This has been around for over a thousand years and this very long history is well documented and preserved in the country to this day. Passing by or travel Oslo during your great European road trip is a must. But this is also a very modern city that is an economic high roller not just in the EU but also in the world.

If you are here for business, for pleasure or maybe both, it would benefit you if you knew how to go around the city. Here are some of the modes of transportation in Oslo.

Try Leasing on Novated Deals 

But wait, What is Novated Lease Exactly? Those who are going to Oslo because they were sent by their company for work should consider getting this type of rental deal instead. This is basically a deal between you and your employer and your employer and the rental company.

Basically, the rental vehicle that you will be using during your stay will be ‘paid’ for by your employer. You will then reimburse the company every month for a certain number of years. It may also be subtracted from your monthly salary. Rates of this car finance lease will depend on what you and your boss have agreed upon.

Go for Car Rental 

This is very much like leasing the vehicle as explained above except that you don’t have a company paying for it. Also, this may be a bit more expensive once you compute the total costs. However, if you will be staying in Oslo for just a few days and you want the whole trip to be comfortable and convenient, this is the next best thing to a novated lease.

If you are going for this, it would be better to make reservations already while you are still at home rather than signing up in car rental companies in the airport once you land. The latter, you will find, will be a total hassle.

Commute on Public Transportation 

Do you want to save money during your trip? You should try commuting instead. Oslo has a more-than-decent public transportation system. Their Central Station, for instance, offers daily trips to and from major cities in the country and even from neighboring Stockholm and Copenhagen. They also have bus lines and ferry trips that you can ride on, especially if you want something more interesting while traveling.

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