Traveling To Sweden – What Are The Best Attractions You Should Visit?

Europe is an interesting continent filled with many fascinating countries and cities and Sweden is one of the countries that offer interesting places and things to do. So once you get in the airport, the first thing you need to do is to get a rented car in a car hire shop and from there you can start your Swedish journey in no time. But wait, you should get an accommodation first so that you’ll have a place to stay each time you arrive ‘home’ from your hectic day of touring and exploring the country. Take note that your accommodation serves as your second home in Sweden.

So once you have fixed your accommodation and you think you are ready to explore, the following sights and attractions will help you decide where you should go in Sweden:


The city of Stockholm is an interesting place to visit and it serves as the country’s capital. Here, you will have the experience the cleanliness and peacefulness which are a way too impossible in other countries. Thus, once you’re here, you will simply get the feeling of being safe all the time. Stockholm offers wonderful museums, spacious and peaceful parks, and a breathtaking nightlife you will simply never forget.

gota-canal-swedenThe Beaches 

If you are a sea or ocean lover, the Sweden gives you the promise to have a great deal of them. The Gotland Island in the Baltic offers a myriad of beautiful beaches with the best weather all throughout the year. So if you want to experience living in a country of the north and still want to enjoy the beach anytime of the year then Sweden is the best place to be.

The Gota Canal 

If you adore traveling by water then you can simply head on to Gota Canal. Here, you will have the opportunity to travel northwest or southeast through an old vessel or ship. The canal allows you to cross 8 lakes, 3 canals, 1 river, and 66 travel locks.

There are a lot of places to see in Sweden alright and spending a day or two will never be enough. And if you want to have a cross country experience, you can simply head on to Italy, one of the closest countries in Sweden. Italy has many attractions you will surely enjoy and getting around is a breeze when you get a rented car in one of the country’s “hyrbil Italien” agency.

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