Two of World’s Great Places to Spend Tropical Vacation

Are you dreaming of a family tropical beach vacation? Asia is where the many dreamy tropical beaches are and most interestingly, the best hotels in Asia offer the best accommodation for the best family tropical vacation.


Thailand tops the list of best tropical place in the world. In Koh Samui alone, it is proud of its Chaweng beach, which is the longest beach in the east coast of this island. It is known for tranquility as well as for its wild night party. However, families can enjoy Chaweng’s south and north areas that are quieter and less crowded. It has rows and rows of the best Thai restaurants and entertainment/ activity places so that a family can’t go hungry over food or activities such as beach volleyball, surfing and kayaking. Chaweng beach is also where the best hotels in Thailand are and that offer the best in life while enjoying a tropical vacation. Beach-front hotels offer great beach views day and night and the experience is but overwhelming. In fact, hotels in Chaweng beach are among the best hotels in Asia, and the experience is always worth of the time and money.

The Philippines

Tropical beaches in the Philippines are but a plenty. Boracay for one is rated as world’s best. The long stretch of white sand and its mesmerizing sceneries are only two of the many reasons why it is a great tropical destination. Boracay boosts of world-class hotels and rated as best hotels in Philippines by travelers themselves. Great food, great and well-planned activities and beautiful interiors make these hotels perfect for a tropical vacation. Besides beautiful surroundings, hotels here are manned by ever smiling people who go out of their way in serving the guests. Many of the hotels are rated as top hotels and accommodation in Asia by world traveling sites and hotel watchers so that elite travelers with their family can truly enjoy a tropical vacation with all of the best expectations. Every moment spent in Boracay is but heavenly and a taste of pampered life.

Thailand and the Philippines are only two of world’s best tropical destinations in Asia, and where the best hotels in Asia are. The beaches are not only beautiful but offer tropical vacation at its best. The two world destinations cater to all types of travelers including the family be in tight budget or not. One trip is not enough, as guests will surely go back again and again because life is at its best while you are there.

Where to go in Asia for a family tropical getaway? Check out

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