Winter and Summer puts Norway at its best for visitors

Summer is Best time to visit Norway this time is good as it give you a chance to enjoy the getaway for Norwegians; The fjords.They provide a perfect summer getaway as well as an attraction for visitors all over the world. Fjords occur when a glacial valley floods with sea water, which happens regularly on Western shores where the durable rock resists erosion, levying the shape of the fjord almost unchanged for many centuries. Cruising this beautiful region makes for a truly spectacular holiday experience.

trolls-tongue-norwayGeirangerfjord features beautiful blue, deep waters, a backdrop of gorgeous scenery and magnificent waterfalls which all work together to make a cruise through the natural settings of Geirangerfjord an experience you’ll never forget. Geirangerfjord has historically being one of the most popular fjords and continues to be so nowadays. You’ll discover beautiful mountain peaks covered in white snow which alongside the blue of the water is a sight to behold. You’ll be transformed to another place as you cruise along the stunning waterway.

Fjaerlansfjord is another popular choice – the region is full of glaciers and fjords, providing a breathtaking landscape which will leave you with your mouth hanging open at every turning. You’ll head towards the Jostedalsbreen Glacier, which enjoys peaceful, serene surroundings and of course its celebrated natural beauty.

However, perhaps some of the most sensational views can be found at Hjorundfjord: whether you’re in a kayak or a cruise ship, you’ll be totally blown away by some of the scenery on show here, which has been wowing visitors from all over the world for years. A cruise along here will provide you with a wonderful experience that you’ll remember for years to come, as you glide past mountains and glaciers that completely take your breath away.

Norway’s deepest and longest Fjord is found at Sognefjord, a natural paradise with so many amazing aspects and contrasts to witness that you’ll be left completely in awe. For some of the best scenes, Winter is also the Best time to visit Norway: with frozen waterfalls and landscapes, this time of year produces some truly magical scenes to behold. Enjoy the famed hospitality and friendliness of the locals, amongst the mountainside farms and snow-capped mountains, and you can even visit the oldest stave church in Norway which was established in 1150 AD – and still standing today.

Hafrsfjord is one of the top fjords of Norway on which people choose to cruise along. The famous Swords in Rock monument reminds travelers of the spot along this fjord where Norway as a country came together in the year 872 AD. With beautiful surroundings and a fantastically serene atmosphere, everyone will enjoy this cruise. The bay is rife with fantastic vistas and you’ll encounter welcoming and friendly locals located along the fjord.

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